Cedorex, partnership



While seeking the development and acquisition of our own products, we are also committed to building lasting ongoing relationships with companies around the world.

Your needs might be simple pharmaceutical product distribution or you may require a more sophisticated sales implementation plan. Either way, brand management by our team guarantees products reach their full potential.


Complementing our expertise

If you are looking for a unique solution in emerging markets, that includes a business presence, then we have the experience in establishing and managing a dedicated team, in your company name if required, using our existing infrastructure. This has the flexibility to provide you a local presence but without committing to the cost and risk.


Highly flexible

Whatever your requirements, you can take advantage of a successful and flexible pharmaceutical sales and marketing infrastructure when partnering with Cedorex.

If divestment is part of your overall marketing strategy, our Business Development team is ready to discuss leveraging products that are not currently reaching their full potential.


Fast-to-patients approach

We have a great track record of acquiring or positioning important pharmaceutical products from major multinational companies.

Cedorex’s regulatory affairs function has extensive experience with the regulatory agencies worldwide. We work closely with local stakeholders to ensure the secure supply of important medicines.